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Data for Hev b 8
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AllerBase IDAB_P_00956Allergen NameHev b 8
Source OrganismHevea brasiliensis (Para rubber tree)KingdomPlant
Biological Function/RoleActin-binding proteinMode of ExposureInhalation, Contact

Assays/Methods used for Experimental Characterization (Read More)

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Biological assay / test IgE assay / test Physicochemical test Cell-based assay
Basophil/Mast cell/Histamine Test  (Reference/s)EAST Chromatography  (Reference/s)Lymphocyte proliferation assay 
Bronchial Test ELISA  (Reference/s)Isoelectrofocusing 
Conjunctival Test Crossed immunoelectrophoresis Mass spectrometry (MS)  (Reference/s)
Nasal Test Fluorescence Immunoassay N-terminal sequencing/sequence analysis 
Oral Test Immunochemiluminescent assay 
Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis (PCA) ImmunoCAP Test  (Reference/s)
Skin Test Microarray  (Reference/s)
Radio Immunoassay 
Western/Immunoblot  (Reference/s)

Isoallergen/Variant for Hev b 8:Available

Isoallergen/Variant Common Name GenBank Nucleotide NCBI Protein (GenPept) UniProtKB RCSB-PDB (Click on the PDB id to view structure) ETR (Evolutionary Trace analysis Report)
Hev b 8.0101Profilin-1
Y15042.1  (View Sequence)CAA75312.1  (View Sequence)O65812  (View Sequence)
Hev b 8.0102Profilin-2AJ132397.1  (View Sequence)CAB51914.1  (View Sequence)Q9STB6  (View Sequence)
5fds  5feg  7sbd  
Hev b 8.0201Profilin-3AF119365.1  (View Sequence)AAF34341.1  (View Sequence)Q9M7N0  (View Sequence)
Hev b 8.0202Profilin-4AF119366.1  (View Sequence)AAF34342.1  (View Sequence)Q9M7M9  (View Sequence)
Hev b 8.0203Profilin-5AF119367.1  (View Sequence)AAF34343.1  (View Sequence)Q9M7M8  (View Sequence)
Hev b 8.0204Profilin-6AJ243325.1  (View Sequence)CAB96215.1  (View Sequence)Q9LEI8  (View Sequence)
1G5U 1g5u  

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IgE Epitope Data

Allergen Isoallergen / Isoform Epitope Type of Epitope Sequence Position View on Structure IEDB Antibody Used IMGT AgAbDb Link Nature of Epitope Assay Reference Comment
Hev b 8Hev b 8.0102M1,Y6,D9,H10,C13,E14,I15,N98,R121,L122,D124,Y125,I127,D128,Q129,G130Discontinuous/ Conformational5FDS  7SBD  7SBG  
2130785Murine IgE mAb 2F5IMGT/3Dstructure-DBAgAbDb-X-ray crystallography,Western / Immunoblot35902770-

IgE Antibody Data

Antibody data Allergen data
Antibody/ Chain Description Clone/ Isolate Antibody Source IMGT NCBI Protein (GenPept) Broad Allergen Category Allergen Id /Name Material used for Sensitization Allergic Disease Antibody studied in Reference
Monoclonal IgE mAb 2F5-Mus musculus--RespiratoryHev b 8Recombinant allergens from Rubber tree, MaizeNot specifiedNot specified27586352
Murine IgE mAb 2F5 light chainPDB:7SBD,7SBGMus musculus--RespiratoryHev b 8Recombinant allergen rHev b 8Not specifiedNot specified35902770
Murine IgE mAb 2F5 heavy chainPDB:7SBD,7SBGMus musculus--RespiratoryHev b 8Recombinant allergen rHev b 8Not specifiedNot specified35902770

Cross-reactivity Data

Allergen Cross-reactive Allergens Reference
Hev b 8Api g 4   (View AllerBase Entry)11490154
Hev b 8Bet v 2  (View AllerBase Entry)
Mus a 1  (View AllerBase Entry)
Ana c 1  (View AllerBase Entry)
Hev b 8Che a 2  (View AllerBase Entry)
Lig v 2  (View AllerBase Entry)
Fra e 2  (View AllerBase Entry)
Syr v PFN  (View AllerBase Entry)
Pla a 4  (View AllerBase Entry)
Cup s PFN  (View AllerBase Entry)
Amb t 8  (View AllerBase Entry)
Art v 4  (View AllerBase Entry)
Dac g PFN  (View AllerBase Entry)
Par j 3  (View AllerBase Entry)
Phl p 12  (View AllerBase Entry)
Sola t PFN  (View AllerBase Entry)
Sola l 1  (View AllerBase Entry)
Cap a 2  (View AllerBase Entry)
Mus a 1  (View AllerBase Entry)
Pru p 4  (View AllerBase Entry)
Hev b 8Cap a 2   (View AllerBase Entry)15544599
Hev b 8Zea m 12   (View AllerBase Entry)27586352
Hev b 8Zea m 12   (View AllerBase Entry)35902770