Database of 2329 Experimentally Validated Allergens
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Last update: 17-01-2024

AllerBase is a comprehensive knowledgebase of allergens and allergen related features such as IgE-binding epitopes, IgE antibodies and cross-reactivity. The experimentally validated data on allergens and its features has been compiled by extensive search and manual curation from the published literature along with immunological, allergen and primary bioinformatics databases. The database provides an in depth coverage of allergens and related data with cross-references to primary, immunological and allergen databases.
Data types in AllerBase
AllerBase is characterized by a unique representation of each allergen in which data on number of informative allergen associated features is provided. These features include core data on allergenicity of allergen or isoallergen/variant, data on experimental validation of allergen (allergenicity assays/methods), IgE-binding epitopes, IgE antibodies, IgE cross-reactivity as well as cross-links to allergen sequence and 3-D structure. Salient features of AllerBase include utilities for sequence analysis, visualization of allergen 3-D structures and IgE epitopes and the Completeness Index, which is a Binary representation of data availability for nine allergen features viz. experimental validation denoted by four types of assays/tests, sequence, structure, IgE epitope, IgE antibody and cross-reactivity.

Publication: Kiran Kadam, Rajiv Karbhal, V. K. Jayaraman, Sangeeta Sawant, Urmila Kulkarni-Kale; AllerBase: a comprehensive allergen knowledgebase, Database, Volume 2017, 1 January 2017, bax066.