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AllerBase IDAB_P_01150Allergen NameMal d 1
Source OrganismMalus domestica (Apple)KingdomPlant
Biological Function/RolePathogenesis-related proteinMode of ExposureIngestion

Assays/Methods used for Experimental Characterization (Read More)

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Biological assay / test IgE assay / test Physicochemical test Cell-based assay
Basophil/Mast cell/Histamine Test  (Reference/s)EAST  (Reference/s)Chromatography  (Reference/s)Lymphocyte proliferation assay  (Reference/s)
Bronchial Test ELISA  (Reference/s)Isoelectrofocusing 
Conjunctival Test Crossed immunoelectrophoresis Mass spectrometry (MS)  (Reference/s)
Nasal Test Fluorescence Immunoassay N-terminal sequencing/sequence analysis  (Reference/s)
Oral Test  (Reference/s)Immunochemiluminescent assay 
Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis (PCA) ImmunoCAP Test  (Reference/s)
Skin Test  (Reference/s)Microarray  (Reference/s)
Radio Immunoassay  (Reference/s)
RAST  (Reference/s)
Western/Immunoblot  (Reference/s)

Isoallergen/Variant for Mal d 1:Available

Isoallergen/Variant Common Name GenBank Nucleotide NCBI Protein (GenPept) UniProtKB RCSB-PDB (Click on the PDB id to view structure) ETR (Evolutionary Trace analysis Report)
Mal d 1.0101Major allergen Mal d 1
X83672.1  (View Sequence)CAA58646.1  (View Sequence)P43211  (View Sequence)
5MMU 5mmu  
Mal d 1.0102Major allergen Mal d 1Z48969.1  (View Sequence)CAA88833.1  (View Sequence)P43211  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0103Major allergen Mal d 1AF124823.1  (View Sequence)AAD26546.1  (View Sequence)Q9SYV2  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0104Major allergen Mal d 1AF124829.1  (View Sequence)AAD26552.1  (View Sequence)Q9SYV5  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0105Major allergen Mal d 1.01AF124830.1  (View Sequence)AAD26553.1  (View Sequence)Q9SYV6  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0106Major allergen Mal d 1AF124831.1  (View Sequence)AAD26554.1  (View Sequence)Q9SYV7  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0107Major allergen Mal d 1AF124832.1  (View Sequence)AAD26555.1  (View Sequence)Q9SYV8  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0108Major allergen Mal d 1AF126402.1  (View Sequence)AAD29671.1  (View Sequence)Q9SYW3  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0109Mal d 1.0109AY026910.1  (View Sequence)AAK13029.1  (View Sequence)Q941P6  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0201Major allergen Mal d 1L42952.1  (View Sequence)AAB01362.1  (View Sequence)Q40280  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0202Allergen Mal d 1.02AF124822.1  (View Sequence)AAD26545.1  (View Sequence)Q9S7M5  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0203Major allergen Mal d 1AF124824.1  (View Sequence)AAD26547.1  (View Sequence)Q9SYV3  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0204Major allergen Mal d 1AF124825.1  (View Sequence)AAD26548.1  (View Sequence)Q9SYV4  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0205Major allergen Mal d 1AF124835.1  (View Sequence)AAD26558.1  (View Sequence)Q9SYV9  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0206Major allergen Mal d 1AF020542.1  (View Sequence)AAD13683.1  (View Sequence)Q40280  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0207Ribonuclease-like PR-10aAY026911.1  (View Sequence)AAK13030.1  (View Sequence)Q941P5  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0208Major allergen d 1AJ488060.1  (View Sequence)CAD32318.1  (View Sequence)Q8L6K9  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0301Major allergen Mal d 1Z72425.1  (View Sequence)CAA96534.1  (View Sequence)Q43549  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0302Major allergen Mal d 1.03DAY026908.1  (View Sequence)AAK13027.1  (View Sequence)Q941P8  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0303Major allergen Mal d 1.07AY026909.1  (View Sequence)AAK13028.1  (View Sequence)Q941P7  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0304Major allergen Mal d 1AY186248.1  (View Sequence)AAO25113.1  (View Sequence)Q84LA7  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0401Major allergen Mal d 1Z72426.1  (View Sequence)CAA96535.1  (View Sequence)Q43550  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0402Major allergen Mal d1Z72427.1  (View Sequence)CAA96536.1  (View Sequence)Q43551  (View Sequence)
Mal d 1.0403Major allergen Mal d 1Z72428.1  (View Sequence)CAA96537.1  (View Sequence)Q43552  (View Sequence)

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IgE Epitope Data

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IgE Antibody Data

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Cross-reactivity Data

Allergen Cross-reactive Allergens Reference
Mal d 1Api g 1  (View AllerBase Entry)
Pru av 1  (View AllerBase Entry)
Dau c 1  (View AllerBase Entry)
Pyr c 1  (View AllerBase Entry)
Mal d 1Bet v 1   (View AllerBase Entry)10502033
Mal d 1Bet v 1  (View AllerBase Entry)
Fra a 1  (View AllerBase Entry)