References/Publications for Western/Immunoblot of Pha a 5

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8564724 Clin Exp Allergy. 1995 Sep;25(9):853-65.

Cloning, sequencing and expression in Escherichia coli of Pha a 1 and four
isoforms of Pha a 5, the major allergens of canary grass pollen.

Suphioglu C(1), Singh MB.

9747889 Mol Immunol. 1998 Apr;35(5):293-305.

Molecular basis of IgE-recognition of Lol p 5, a major allergen of rye-grass

Suphioglu C(1), Blaher B, Rolland JM, McCluskey J, Schäppi G, Kenrick J, Singh
MB, Knox RB.