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11490154 Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 2001 Jul;125(3):216-27. doi: 10.1159/000053819.

Hev b 8, the Hevea brasiliensis latex profilin, is a cross-reactive allergen of
latex, plant foods and pollen.

Ganglberger E(1), Radauer C, Wagner S, Ríordáin G, Beezhold DH, Brehler R,
Niggemann B, Scheiner O, Jensen-Jarolim E, Breiteneder H.

Author information:
16839408 Clin Exp Allergy. 2006 Jul;36(7):920-9. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2222.2006.02521.x.

Cross-reactive and species-specific immunoglobulin E epitopes of plant
profilins: an experimental and structure-based analysis.

Radauer C(1), Willerroider M, Fuchs H, Hoffmann-Sommergruber K, Thalhamer J,
Ferreira F, Scheiner O, Breiteneder H.

Author information:
27586352 Sci Rep. 2016 Sep 2;6:32552. doi: 10.1038/srep32552.

Structural insights into the IgE mediated responses induced by the allergens Hev
b 8 and Zea m 12 in their dimeric forms.

Mares-Mejía I(1), Martínez-Caballero S(1), Garay-Canales C(2), Cano-Sánchez
P(1), Torres-Larios A(3), Lara-González S(4), Ortega E(2), Rodríguez-Romero

Author information:
33045539 Mol Immunol. 2020 Dec;128:10-21. doi: 10.1016/j.molimm.2020.09.017. Epub 2020
Oct 10.

Novel murine mAbs define specific and cross-reactive epitopes on the latex
profilin panallergen Hev b 8.

Mares-Mejía I(1), García-Ramírez B(1), Torres-Larios A(2), Rodríguez-Hernández
A(1), Osornio-Hernández AI(1), Terán-Olvera G(1), Ortega E(3), Rodríguez-Romero

Author information:
35902770 Commun Biol. 2022 Jul 27;5(1):748. doi: 10.1038/s42003-022-03718-w.

A native IgE in complex with profilin provides insights into allergen
recognition and cross-reactivity.

García-Ramírez B(1), Mares-Mejía I(1), Rodríguez-Hernández A(1), Cano-Sánchez
P(1), Torres-Larios A(2), Ortega E(3), Rodríguez-Romero A(4).

Author information:
37189355 Biomolecules. 2023 Mar 28;13(4):608. doi: 10.3390/biom13040608.

Molecular Basis of Plant Profilins' Cross-Reactivity.

Terán MG(1), García-Ramírez B(1), Mares-Mejía I(1), Ortega E(2), O'Malley
A(3)(4), Chruszcz M(3)(4), Rodríguez-Romero A(1).

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