How to use RTD Phylogeny server?

  1. Compile the nucleotide sequences (>3) with unique OTU labels. If the size of sequences is larger than 5 Mb, the use of standalone package is recommended.

  2. The input sequence(s) must be in FASTA format. Please refer the provided sample file.

  3. Make sure that the sequence does not contain any ambigious characters.

  4. Choose the appropriate size of k-mer size. Recommended size: 4 to 6

  5. Paste the sequences in textarea or upload them in a text file and submit the form.

  6. The output page will provide Input sequence file, k-mer size, distance matrix, NJ tree files in Newick and PDF format and log file of the analysis.

How to use RTD Phylogeny standalone package?

Please refer the help manual provided with the standalone package.