Download Instructions:

Please fill the following registration form to download the standalone version of RTD based phylogeny program.

The program is available freely for academic/non-commercial use. Industry/commercial users are required to send email intimation and obtain permission for use. Both the category of users need to cite the publication of the method (listed in References page) as well as the server.
RTD program requires a Neighbor program of PHYLIP package to run. Therefore, Neighbor program of the PHYLIP package is distributed along with the RTD program with the kind permission from authors of PHYLIP for academic/non-commercial use. Both, RTD and Neighbor programs should be saved in the same directory (see References page for citation information).
PHYLIP package is available from:
Copyright notice from PHYLIP:
Content of the RTD Phylogeny Package:
The standalone RTD_v1.0 package includes following,
Two directories, one each for Windows and Linux/Unix version of RTD program.
Executable for Windows: RTD.exe and neighbor.exe
Executable for Linux/Unix: RTD and neighbor (separate programs for 32-bit and 64-bit OS)

The root directory contains -
1. README.txt
2. Manual_v1.0.pdf
3. Sample datasets (3): Mumps.txt; Dengue.txt and WNV.txt

Version History:

Current release version: 1.0

Registration Form: