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Results of validation for test dataset 1 using BLAST, Phylogeny and RTD based methods

Sr. No. GenBank Accession numbers Strain Genotype Prediction of genotype using 
BLAST Phylogeny RTD
1 AY380062 UK98-162x22 C C C C
2 AY380063 UK98-192x8 C C C C
3 AY669145 Drag94 C C C C
4 AY380065 UK99-102x13 F F F F
5 AY380068 UK99-190 F F F F
6 DQ649478 SP F F F F
7 EU780217 MuVs-CHN04-4B050505-F F F F F
8 EU780218 MuVs-CHN04-4B060742-F F F F F
9 EU780219 MuVs-CHN04-4B070203-F F F F F
10 EU780220 MuVs-CHN04-4B062103-F F F F F
11 EU780221 MuVi-CHN05-SD9-F F F F F
12 EU780222 MuVi-CHN05-SD11-F F F F F
13 HQ171942 - F F F F
14 HQ171943 - F F F F
15 HQ171944 - F F F F
16 HQ171945 - F F F F
17 HQ171946 - F F F F
18 HQ171948 - F F F F
19 HQ171949 - F F F F
20 HQ171950 - F F F F
21 HQ171951 - F F F F
22 HQ171952 - F F F F
23 HQ171953 - F F F F
24 HQ171954 - F F F F
25 HQ171955 - F F F F
26 HQ171956 - F F F F
27 HQ171957 - F F F F
28 HQ171958 - F F F F
29 HQ171959 - F F F F
30 HQ171960 - F F F F
31 HQ171961 - F F F F
32 HQ171962 - F F F F
33 HQ171963 - F F F F
34 HQ171964 - F F F F
35 HQ171965 - F F F F
36 HQ171966 - F F F F
37 HQ171967 - F F F F
38 HQ171968 - F F F F
39 HQ199874 M3 F F F F
40 HQ199875 M4 F F F F
41 HQ199876 cx-15-07 F F F F
42 HQ199877 cx-5-07 F F F F
43 HQ199878 zt-1-08 F F F F
44 HQ199879 zt-12-08 F F F F
45 HQ199880 zt-25-08 F F F F
46 HQ199881 lc-5-08 F F F F
47 HQ199882 qj-10-08 F F F F
48 HQ199883 qj-6-08 F F F F
49 HQ199884 yl-4-09 F F F F
50 HQ199885 yl-1-09 F F F F
51 HQ199886 yx-2-09 F F F F
52 HQ199887 yx-10-09 F F F F
53 AY380066 UK99-162x3 G G G G
54 AY380067 UK99-177x2 G G G G
55 AY380069 UK99-208x22 G G G G
56 AY380070 UK00-117x83 G G G G
57 AY380071 UK00-13x11 G G G G
58 AY380072 UK00-322x2 G G G G
59 AY380073 UK00-46x7 G G G G
60 AY380074 UK00-47x4 G G G G
61 AY380076 UK01-4x23 G G G G
62 AY380078 UK02-304 G G G G
63 DQ661744 MUM/NewJersey.US/2006 G G G G
64 DQ661745 MUM/Iowa.US/2006 G G G G
65 EU370207 Du/CRO05 G G G G
66 FJ959106 - G G G G
67 FJ959107 - G G G G
68 FR687016 MuVs-DEU10-18695-G G G G G
69 GU937425 MuVs/Louth/IRL/36.06 G G G G
70 GU937426 MuVs/Dublin/IRL/41.06 G G G G
71 GU937427 MuVs/Cork/IRL/48.08 G G G G
72 GU937428 MuVcsf/Sligo/IRL/16.09 G G G G
73 AY380064 UK98-86x3 H H H H
74 DQ136174 - H H H H
75 DQ136175 - H H H H
76 DQ250041 - H H H H
77 EU798272 - H H H H
78 EU798273 - H H H H
79 EU798274 - H H H H
80 EU798275 - H H H H
81 EU798276 - H H H H
82 EU798277 - H H H H
83 EU798278 - H H H H
84 EU497649 MuVi/Bangkok.THA/37.07-1 J J J J
85 EU497650 MuVi/Bangkok.THA/37.07-2 J J J J
86 EU497651 MuVs/Phang-nga.THA/4.08-2 J J J J
87 EU497652 MuVs/Phang-nga.THA/4.08-3 J J J J
88 EU497653 MuVs/Phang-nga.THA/4.08-4 J J J J
89 EU497654 MuVs/Phang-nga.THA/4.08-5 J J J J
90 EU497655 MuVs/Phang-nga.THA/4.08-7 J J J J
91 EU497656 MuVs/Phang-nga.THA/4.08-10 J J J J
92 EU497657 MuVs/Phang-nga.THA/4.08-14 J J J J
93 FJ770564 MuVs-THA08-22-J J J J J
94 FJ770565 MuVs-THA08-25-J J J J J
95 FJ770566 MuVs-THA08-28-G J G G G
96 FJ770567 MuVs-THA08-50-J J J J J

The entry highlighted in "cyan" shows BLAST identities of 97.78% with reference genotype G (AY380075) and <91% with reference 

genotype J. Thus according to proposed criteria of  >95% identity, the entry belongs to genotype G, which is correctly predicted by 

BLAST, phylogeny and RTD-based method. See manuscript for discussion.


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