Dengue Subtyper

Data sets used for development of Dengue Subtyper 2.0

[see Version history for details]

The details of reference, true positive and negative data sets are available from here

New in this version:

  • Updated reference data set by adding 6 Dengue virus complete genome sequences.
    The six genome sequences, which were added to reference data set, include,
    - one sequence of genotype 1-II [GenBank: DQ672556.1],
    - three sequences of genotype 3-I [GenBank: DQ401695.1, DQ401694.1 and AY496879.2] and
    - two sequences of newly added genotype 3-V [GenBank: AF317645.1 and M93130.1], which formed a separate monophyletic sister clade with existing DENV genotypes 3-I, 3-II and 3-III (King et al., 2008; Usme-Ciro et al., 2008; Aquino et al, 2009; Imrie et al., 2010; Warrilow et al., 2012).

  • The genotype-specific distance cut-offs for RTD-based DENV subtype prediction were updated in accordance with the updated reference data set.