Advanced Feature Table Search:

The feature table (FT) in nucleotide database entry file provides extensive annotations for describing various features like CDS, 5'UTR etc. BioDB Extractor (BDE) provides the utility for customized search in each block of the feature table (FT) of nucleotide database entry file. The feature table rules are common for all the three databases (Genbank, DDBJ and EMBL) and thus helps in exchange of data among them on a daily basis. There are total 63 standard feature keys described by INSDC till date (Description & Definition of features are taken from INSDC "The DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank Feature Table Definition", Version 10.1 May 2012). The Feature Table consists of the following items:

  • Feature key - a single word or abbreviation indicating functional feature

  • Location - instructions for finding the feature

  • Qualifiers - auxiliary information about a feature

User can do the Advanced Feature Table Search by two ways

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