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Data for Hom s GC

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AllerBase IDAB_A_00997Allergen NameHom s GC
Source OrganismHomo sapiens (Human)KingdomAnimal
Biological Function/RoleGlucocerebrosidaseMode of ExposureAuto allergen

Assays/Methods used for Experimental Characterization (Read More)

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Biological assay / test IgE assay / test Physicochemical test Cell-based assay
Basophil/Mast cell/Histamine Test EAST Chromatography Lymphocyte proliferation assay 
Bronchial Test ELISA Isoelectrofocusing 
Conjunctival Test Crossed immunoelectrophoresis Mass spectrometry (MS) 
Nasal Test Fluorescence Immunoassay N-terminal sequencing/sequence analysis 
Oral Test Immunochemiluminescent assay  (Reference/s)
Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis (PCA) ImmunoCAP Test 
Skin Test Microarray 
Radio Immunoassay 

Isoallergen/Variant for Hom s GC:Not Available

Allergen Common Name GenBank Nucleotide NCBI Protein (GenPept) UniProtKB RCSB-PDB (Click on the PDB id to view structure) ETR (Evolutionary Trace analysis Report)
Hom s GCGlucosylceramidase
M16328.1  (View Sequence)AAA35873.1  (View Sequence)P04062  (View Sequence)1OGS  1Y7V  2F61  
2J25  2NSX  2NT0  
2NT1  2V3D  2V3E  
2V3F  2VT0  2WCG  
2WKL  2XWD  2XWE  
3GXD  3GXF  3GXI  
3GXM  3KE0  3KEH  
3RIK  3RIL  
1ogs  1y7v  2f61  
2j25  2nsx  2nt0  
2nt1  2v3d  2v3e  
2v3f  2vt0  2wcg  
2wkl  2xwd  2xwe  
3gxd  3gxf  3gxi  
3gxm  3ke0  3keh  
3rik  3ril  

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