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AllerBase IDAB_A_00415Allergen NameCan f 6
Source OrganismCanis lupus familiaris (Dog)KingdomAnimal
Biological Function/RoleLipocalinMode of ExposureInhalation

Assays/Methods used for Experimental Characterization (Read More)

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Biological assay / test IgE assay / test Physicochemical test Cell-based assay
Basophil/Mast cell/Histamine Test  (Reference/s)EAST Chromatography  (Reference/s)Lymphocyte proliferation assay 
Bronchial Test ELISA  (Reference/s)Isoelectrofocusing 
Conjunctival Test Crossed immunoelectrophoresis Mass spectrometry (MS)  (Reference/s)
Nasal Test Fluorescence Immunoassay N-terminal sequencing/sequence analysis 
Oral Test Immunochemiluminescent assay 
Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis (PCA) ImmunoCAP Test  (Reference/s)
Skin Test Microarray  (Reference/s)
Radio Immunoassay 
Western/Immunoblot  (Reference/s)

Isoallergen/Variant for Can f 6:Available

Isoallergen/Variant Common Name GenBank Nucleotide NCBI Protein (GenPept) UniProtKB RCSB-PDB (Click on the PDB id to view structure) ETR (Evolutionary Trace analysis Report)
Can f 6.0101Lipocalin-Can f 6 allergen
HE653774.1  (View Sequence)CCF72371.1  (View Sequence)H2B3G5  (View Sequence)
5X7Y 6NRE 5x7y  6nre  

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IgE Epitope Data

Allergen Isoallergen / Isoform Epitope Type of Epitope Sequence Position View on Structure IEDB Antibody Used IMGT AgAbDb Link Nature of Epitope Assay Reference Comment
Can f 6Can f 6.0101SDIKEKIEENGSSequential / Linear43-545X7Y  738246Sera from Dog allergic children---ELISA29207604-
Can f 6Can f 6.0101TKVNGKCTSequential / Linear76-835X7Y  738266Sera from Dog allergic children---ELISA29207604-
Can f 6Can f 6.0101KTEKDGESequential / Linear91-975X7Y  738174Sera from Dog allergic children---ELISA29207604-
Can f 6Can f 6.0101NVNQEQEFSequential / Linear125-1325X7Y  738216Sera from Dog allergic children---ELISA29207604-
Can f 6Can f 6.0101GRKPDVSPKVKEKFSequential / Linear139-1525X7Y  738153Sera from Dog allergic children---ELISA29207604-

IgE Antibody Data

No IgE Antibody Data Available

Cross-reactivity Data

Allergen Cross-reactive Allergens Reference
Can f 6Fel d 4  (View AllerBase Entry)
Equ c 1  (View AllerBase Entry)
Can f 6Fel d 4   (View AllerBase Entry)30728436
Can f 6Cav p 6  (View AllerBase Entry)
Fel d 4  (View AllerBase Entry)