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9284979 Allergy. 1997 Aug;52(8):806-13.

Group 5 determination in Pooideae grass pollen extracts by monoclonal
antibody-based ELISA. Correlation with biologic activity.

Ramírez J(1), Obispo TM, Duffort D, Carpizo JA, Chamorro MJ, Barber D, Ipsen H,
Carreira J, Lombardero M.

10231323 Clin Exp Allergy. 1999 May;29(5):633-41.

Concentrations of major grass group 5 allergens in pollen grains and atmospheric
particles: implications for hay fever and allergic asthma sufferers sensitized to
grass pollen allergens.

Schäppi GF(1), Taylor PE, Pain MC, Cameron PA, Dent AW, Staff IA, Suphioglu C.