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8580864 Braz J Med Biol Res. 1995 Jul;28(7):743-50.

Prohevein is poorly processed but shows enhanced resistance to a chitin-binding
fungus in transgenic tomato plants.

Lee HI(1), Raikhel NV.

8568268 J Immunol. 1996 Feb 15;156(4):1618-25.

The main IgE-binding epitope of a major latex allergen, prohevein, is present in
its N-terminal 43-amino acid fragment, hevein.

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Hevea latex.

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Latex allergen database.

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IgE antibodies to prohevein, hevein, and rubber elongation factor in children
with latex allergy.

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Cloning, expression and characterization of the major latex allergen prohevein.

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10231327 Clin Exp Allergy. 1999 May;29(5):667-72.

Class I endochitinase containing a hevein domain is the causative allergen in
latex-associated avocado allergy.

Posch A(1), Wheeler CH, Chen Z, Flagge A, Dunn MJ, Papenfuss F, Raulf-Heimsoth M,
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12957414 J Immunol Methods. 2003 Jul;278(1-2):271-81.

Hevein-specific recombinant IgE antibodies from human single-chain antibody phage
display libraries.

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14715255 Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2004 Jan 30;314(1):123-30.

Insights into a conformational epitope of Hev b 6.02 (hevein).

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The hevein domain of the major latex-glove allergen Hev b 6.01 contains dominant
T cell reactive sites.

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prevalence of latex sensitization and assessment of diagnostic tools.

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In-depth exploration of Hevea brasiliensis latex proteome and "hidden allergens"
via combinatorial peptide ligand libraries.

D'Amato A(1), Bachi A, Fasoli E, Boschetti E, Peltre G, Sénéchal H, Sutra JP,
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