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7264307 J Immunol. 1981 Sep;127(3):972-5.

Allergenically active components of cat allergen extracts.

Anderson MC, Baer H.

The allergens involved in cat allergy have been studied in pelt extracts, saliva,
serum, and urine. Using crossed immunoelectrophoresis (CIE) to examine the
antigenic content, and crossed radioimmunoelectrophoresis (CRIE) and RAST to
examine the allergenic content, it was found that allergen 1 of Dr. Ohman is the
most important allergenic component, whereas albumin and several unidentified
proteins play a minor role. Allergen 1 was not detectable in serum and urine. The
allergenic and nonallergenic proteins of pelt extract and saliva were identical
by CIE, suggesting that pelt extract proteins are mainly of salivary origin.

PMID: 7264307 [Indexed for MEDLINE]
J Allergy Clin Immunol. 1988 Nov;82(5 Pt 1):778-86.

Monoclonal antibodies to the major feline allergen Fel d I. I. Serologic and
biologic activity of affinity-purified Fel d I and of Fel d I-depleted extract.

de Groot H(1), van Swieten P, van Leeuwen J, Lind P, Aalberse RC.

1282843 Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 1992;99(1):63-73.

Structure of the major cat allergen Fel d I in different allergen sources: an
immunoblotting analysis with monoclonal antibodies against denatured Fel d I and
human IgE.

van Milligen FJ(1), van Swieten P, Aalberse RC.

1695231 J Allergy Clin Immunol. 1990 Jul;86(1):107-16.

Evidence for a Fel d I-like molecule in the "big cats" (Felidae species).

de Groot H(1), van Swieten P, Aalberse RC.

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Studies on the biochemical structure of the major cat allergen Felis domesticus

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Correlations between levels of mite and cat allergens in settled and airborne

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IgE epitopes on the cat (Felis domesticus) major allergen Fel d I: a study with
overlapping synthetic peptides.

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7560654 J Allergy Clin Immunol. 1995 Oct;96(4):449-56.

Quantitative assessment of exposure to dog (Can f 1) and cat (Fel d 1) allergens:
relation to sensitization and asthma among children living in Los Alamos, New

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7788572 Clin Exp Allergy. 1995 Mar;25(3):247-51.

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recombinant chain 1 and chain 2 of the major cat allergen Felis domesticus (Fel
d) I.

Van Milligen FJ(1), Craig S, Rogers BL, Van Swieten P, Aalberse RC.

7797791 J Allergy Clin Immunol. 1995 Jun;95(6):1221-8.

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solid-phase binding studies.

Slunt JB(1), Rogers BL, Chapman MD.

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allergen Fel dI.

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Native and recombinant Fel dI as probes into the relationship of allergen
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for cat allergy.

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allergen: a population-based cross-sectional study.

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Epub 2008 May 12.

Higher immunoglobulin E antibody levels to recombinant Fel d 1 in cat-allergic
children with asthma compared with rhinoconjunctivitis.

Grönlund H(1), Adédoyin J, Reininger R, Varga EM, Zach M, Fredriksson M,
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23268458 World Allergy Organ J. 2011 Jul;4(7):113-9. doi: 10.1097/WOX.0b013e3182228a39.
Epub 2011 Jul 14.

Glutaraldehyde-Modified Recombinant Fel d 1: A Hypoallergen With Negligible
Biological Activity But Retained Immunogenicity.

Versteeg SA(1), Bulder I, Himly M, van Capel TM, van den Hout R, Koppelman SJ, de
Jong EC, Ferreira F, van Ree R.