References/Publications for Mass spectrometry (MS) of Fel d 1

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7723774 Mol Immunol. 1995 Mar;32(4):287-93.

Enhanced immunoreactivity and preferential heterodimer formation of reassociated
Fel d I recombinant chains.

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The 18-kDa form of cat allergen Felis domesticus 1 (Fel d 1) is associated with
gelatin- and fibronectin-degrading activity.

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Variable content of Fel d 1 variants in house dust and cat extracts may have an
impact on allergen measurement.

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Epub 2013 Jun 12.

Identification and isolation of a Fel d 1-like molecule as a major rabbit

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Immunization of cats to induce neutralizing antibodies against Fel d 1, the major
feline allergen in human subjects.

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