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2926155 J Immunol Methods. 1989 Mar 31;118(2):227-35.

A two-site monoclonal antibody ELISA for the quantification of the major
Dermatophagoides spp. allergens, Der p I and Der f I.

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Allergens, Der p 1, Der f 1, Fel d 1 and Can f 1, in newly bought mattresses for

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Prevalence of the group 1 Dermatophagoides allergens Der p 1 and Der f 1 in homes
with no dogs, healthy dogs and Dermatophagoides-sensitized atopic dogs in

Raffan E(1), Lawrence H, Henderson T, Nelson S, Isherwood D, McArdle C, Nuttall

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[Detection of mite allergens in the dust of filter-net and air of air-conditioned

[Article in Chinese]

Lian YY(1), Liu ZG, Wang HY, Chai CY, Liu XY.

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Use of an electrostatic dust cloth for self-administered home allergen

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[Highly sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantification of
allergens from Dermatophagoides, DER p 1 and DER f 1].

[Article in Japanese]

Kondoh M(1), Fukada K, Shimada T, Kitamura Y, Yasueda H, Enomoto T.

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The accumulation of dust mite allergens on mattresses made of different kinds of

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Fluorescence immunoassay using an optical fiber for determination of
Dermatophagoides farinae (Der f1).

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in a mouse model of house dust mite asthma.

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presentation and analysis of the effectiveness for specific immunotherapy.

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[Experimental study on the Der f 1 mRNA molecules derived from dermatophagoides
farinae for specific immunotherapy on murine model of asthma].

[Article in Chinese]

Jiang YX, Yin K, Jin WJ, Wu LY, Li CP.

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[[Expression of house dust mite allergens Der f1 and Der f2 in Nicotiana
benthamiana leaves].

[Article in Russian]

Riazantsev DIu, Drobiazina PE, Hlgatian SV, Zavriev SK, Svirshchevskaia EV.

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Allergenicity of native and recombinant major allergen groups 1 and 2 of
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Sookrung N(1), Choopong J, Seesuay W, Indrawattana N, Chaicumpa W, Tungtrongchitr

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Expression of recombinant allergen, Der f 1, Der f 2 and Der f 4 using
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Enhanced sensitivity of capture IgE‑ELISA based on a recombinant Der f 1/2 fusion
protein for the detection of IgE antibodies targeting house dust mite allergens.

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