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2408551 Ann Inst Pasteur Immunol (1985). 1985 Mar-Apr;136C(2):195-209.

Production of a monoclonal antibody against a major allergen of Dactylis
glomerata pollen (Dg1).

Mécheri S, Peltre G, Weyer A, David B.

A mouse monoclonal antibody was produced against the most frequent allergen Ag
Dg1ief, purified from the Dactylis glomerata grass pollen by isoelectric
focusing. Using the immunoprint technique, this monoclonal antibody detected Ag
Dg1ief in D. glomerata pollen and some cross-reacting molecules in four other
grass pollens. This hybridoma was grown in ascitic fluid. An immunosorbent was
made from it and, by affinity chromatography, was used to purify monoclonal Ag
Dg1m from the pollen extract. Ag Dg1m (6,000 to 8,000 daltons) appeared to be 4
to 5 times smaller than Ag Dg1ief. It appeared as a weak allergen in passive
cutaneous anaphylaxis in rats, but was more potent in triggering histamine
release on human basophils from grass-pollen sensitive patients. These results
suggest that Ag Dg1m could be a part of the Ag Dg1ief used to induce production
of this monoclonal antibody.

PMID: 2408551 [Indexed for MEDLINE]
J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2004 Nov;114(5):1124-30.

Characterization of natural Dac g 1 variants: an alternative to recombinant group
1 allergens.

van Oort E(1), de Heer PG, Dieker M, van Leeuwen AW, Aalberse RC, van Ree R.