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8250726 Arerugi. 1993 Oct;42(10):1628-32.

[The allergic reaction to acid protease released by Candida albicans].

[Article in Japanese]

Akiyama K(1), Yasueda H, Mita H, Yanagihara Y, Kaneko F, Maeda Y, Hayakawa T,
Hesegawa M, Shida T, Yamamoto T, et al.

9020416 Allergy. 1996 Dec;51(12):887-92.

Allergenicity of acid protease secreted by Candida albicans.

Akiyama K(1), Shida T, Yasueda H, Mita H, Yanagihara Y, Hasegawa M, Maeda Y,
Yamamoto T, Takesako K, Yamaguchi H.