References/Publications for Western/Immunoblot of Blo t 1

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12534546 Clin Exp Allergy. 2003 Jan;33(1):28-34.

Cloning and expression of Blo t 1, a novel allergen from the dust mite Blomia
tropicalis, homologous to cysteine proteases.

Mora C(1), Flores I, Montealegre F, Díaz A.

12911421 Allergy. 2003 Sep;58(9):912-20.

Lack of human IgE cross-reactivity between mite allergens Blo t 1 and Der p 1.

Cheong N(1), Soon SC, Ramos JD, Kuo IC, Kolatkar PR, Lee BW, Chua KY.

14768500 P R Health Sci J. 2003 Dec;22(4):353-7.

IgE reactivity from serum of Blomia tropicalis allergic patients to the
recombinant protein Blo t 1.

Fonseca Fonseca L(1), Díaz AM.

15057325 Rev Inst Med Trop Sao Paulo. 2004 Jan-Feb;46(1):1-8. Epub 2004 Mar 29.

Intranasal sensitization with Blomia tropicalis antigens induces allergic
responses in mice characterized by elevated antigen-specific and non-specific
serum IgE and peripheral blood eosinophil counts.

Takeda F(1), Arakawa T, Toma H, Ishii A, Sato Y.