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15080811 Clin Exp Allergy. 2004 Apr;34(4):583-90.

Relevance of Ara h1, Ara h2 and Ara h3 in peanut-allergic patients, as determined
by immunoglobulin E Western blotting, basophil-histamine release and
intracutaneous testing: Ara h2 is the most important peanut allergen.

Koppelman SJ(1), Wensing M, Ertmann M, Knulst AC, Knol EF.

16815163 J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2006 Jul;118(1):250-6.

Predictive value of skin prick tests using recombinant allergens for diagnosis of
peanut allergy.

Astier C(1), Morisset M, Roitel O, Codreanu F, Jacquenet S, Franck P, Ogier V,
Petit N, Proust B, Moneret-Vautrin DA, Burks AW, Bihain B, Sampson HA, Kanny G.

17210048 Clin Exp Allergy. 2007 Jan;37(1):108-15.

Does skin prick test reactivity to purified allergens correlate with clinical
severity of peanut allergy?

Peeters KA(1), Koppelman SJ, van Hoffen E, van der Tas CW, den Hartog Jager CF,
Penninks AH, Hefle SL, Bruijnzeel-Koomen CA, Knol EF, Knulst AC.

17651153 Clin Exp Allergy. 2007 Aug;37(8):1221-8.

Children with peanut allergy recognize predominantly Ara h2 and Ara h6, which
remains stable over time.

Flinterman AE(1), van Hoffen E, den Hartog Jager CF, Koppelman S, Pasmans SG,
Hoekstra MO, Bruijnzeel-Koomen CA, Knulst AC, Knol EF.