Database of 2313 Experimentally Validated Allergens


Allergen and Isoallergen/Variant Data

Total Number of Allergens (including Isoallergens/variants) 2792
Number of Allergens with at least one Isoallergen/variant 1090
Number of Allergens from Animals 1042
Number of Allergens from Plants 1015
Number of Allergens from Fungi 234
Number of Allergens with 3-D Structures 303
Allergen-Antibody co-crystal structure complexes 19

IgE-binding Epitope Data

Total Number of Distinct IgE Epitopes 1185
Number of Allergens which possess experimentally validated IgE Epitopes 193

Cross-reactive Allergens Data

Number of IgE Cross-reactivity relations 1068
Number of Allergens showing experimentally validated IgE Cross-reactivity 640

IgE Antibody Data

Total Number of IgE antibody sequences 1903
Number of IgE associated with specific allergen 454
Number of IgE associated with inhaled/respiratory allergens 1498
Number of IgE associated with food allergens 419
Number of IgE associated with a specific allergic disease 1195

*As on July 11, 2023